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About us

Lira Enterprises has been operating in the market since the year 2000. Initially the company operated as a contractor and service provider to public institutions, its main customers being the São Francisco Hydroelectric Company – CHESF, the Brazilian Airports Authority – Infraero, the Pernambuco Sanitation Company – Compesa, Recife City Council and Pernambuco State Government. A wide range of projects have been carried out, from refurbishment and housing projects to civil engineering maintenance, always highlighting quality, punctuality and guaranteed customer satisfaction. It was in this quest for excellence that Lira implemented the ISO 9001 Quality Management System. 


In 2012, Lira Enterprises began operations in the Brazilian energy market. Since its foundation, the company has concentrated its activities on sustainable sources. The company was born from its leaders’ commitment to innovation and sustainability.


Lira stands out in prospection, development and economic viability studies, in addition to financial structuring of renewable energy projects.

From the conception of each enterprise up to its implantation, we focus on the integration of the pillars that we consider fundamental in our company: return for shareholders, corporate governance, respect for the environment, sustainability and social inclusion.


Renewable energy is the only option for sustainable world growth. Lira invests in renewable energy projects that respect the environment, envisaging sustainability and social inclusion.

90 MW
360 MW

Av. República do Líbano, 251 | Empresarial Rio Mar, Torre C - Sala 2303 |CEP: 51.110-160

Pina - Recife/PE - Brasil | Tel.: 81.3467.1508

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