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Pedro Aurélio Teixeira Da Agência CanalEnergia

Leilão A-4 consolida Enel Green Power na liderança da fonte solar no Brasil

21 de dezembro de 2017

Canadian quer começar obras de UFV vendida no A-4 em 2020

Por Karla Francesch | Fev/18

Canadian Solar y Lira Empreendimentos conforman JV para desarrollar proyectos fotovoltaicos

Solar Energy

Energy originating from the light and heat of the sun that is harnessed using different technologies, such as solar heating, photovoltaic solar energy, solar thermal energy and solar architecture. Solar energy is considered a renewable and sustainable source of energy.


Brazil is one of the ten countries that consume most energy in the world. In the most favorable regions, solar radiation is between 2,000 and 2,200 kWh/m² on an inclined surface. Owing to its climate, Brazil is among the five countries that consume most air-conditioning, but also offers ideal conditions for the production of Solar Energy.

Environmental and social sustainability as priorities

Solar energy is one of the most promising sources of energy: it’s renewable, doesn’t produce residues or toxic gases and has a very low environmental impact, which can be minimized using technology and engineering. These factors make solar energy one of the principal alternative sources to fossil fuels.

Working together

Among the benefits that come to the region is the investment in local infrastructure, through the improvement of roads and access around the solar farms – for transporting equipment – and construction of transmission lines and substations. All through the construction and operation of solar power plants, we employ the local workforce.

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